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By Qingshun He,Bingjun Yang

​This ebook specializes in the structural variety, semantic variability, case selection, stylistic features and diachronic distribution of English absolute clauses. The syntactic roles assumed by way of absolute clauses within the conventional feel will be labeled into clausal adjuncts, attendant conditions and appositives. those 3 kinds of functionality correspond to the 3 hypotactic expansions within the relation approach of clause complexes in Systemic practical Linguistics, i.e., elaboration, extension and enhancement. This examine, as a result, redefines absolute clauses within the framework of SFL and proposes 4 syntactic sorts of absolute clauses: absolute paratactic clauses (elaboration), absolute hypotactic clauses (extension and enhancement), absolute projected clauses (fact and act) and absolute embedded clauses (subject). in response to the Brown kin corpora, BNC and COHA, this study unearths that various functionality forms of absolute clauses fluctuate when it comes to their stylistic and diachronic distributions, and either nominative and accusative circumstances are acceptable.

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