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By Charles Taliaferro

One within the sequence New Dialogues in Philosophy, edited by way of Dale Jacquette, Charles Taliaferro, a number one thinker of faith, provides numerous fictional dialogues between characters with contrasting perspectives at the lifestyles of God. The perspectives convey the various ordinary positions: theism, atheism, skepticism, and different nuanced arguments in regards to the nature of God. In a chain of 5 encouraged, unique debates, Taliaferro faucets into numerous recognized exchanges, together with these between Antony Flew, Basil Mitchell and R. M. Hare; among Frederick Copleston and Bertrand Russell; and among Copleston and A. J. Ayer. The publication encompasses a set of observations in regards to the nature and behavior of dialogue: delivering charitable interpretations of opposing facets and permitting interlocutors time to improve their points.

Series Editor: Professor Dale Jacquette, Senior Professorial Chair in Theoretical Philosophy, collage of Bern, Switzerland

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